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Health Insurance

F-1 Student Health Insurance

All students with an F1 Visa are required to be enrolled in an accident and illness plan arranged by Wheaton College, via Lewermark, effective August 1 of the current year through July 31 of the following year. 
  • Your Lewermark insurance plan covers any accident or illness occurring as early as August 1st, including while en route to the United States. You are responsible to pay the cost of medical care/treatment (keep all documentation/receipts) during your travels to the U.S. but can then submit a claim to Lewermark requesting any reimbursement that you qualify for.
  • If your program start date is before August 1 or you travel to the U.S. prior to August 1, you have the option of purchasing any additional travel insurance you would like to ensure coverage before your Lewermark plan goes into effect. To learn more about what additional travel insurance options are offered by Lewermark, feel free to review their list of plans
  • If your program end date is August 31, please contact to request one additional month of insurance coverage. 

The name of your policy is LewerMark and you can find more information about the policy on their website 24/7 or by calling LewerMark at 1-800-821-7710 (Monday - Friday 8am- 5pm CST)
  1. Enrollment will be automatic by the school.
  2. The provider network you will use is called AETNA Network (new as of August 1, 2020 - previously your network was First Health). Please mention your network is AETNA (PPO) when using your insurance benefits off campus).
  3. Insurance premium will be billed to the student's account per term: August 1-December 31 and January 1-July 31.
  4. For additional questions about enrollment, billing please e-mail 
If you are feeling ill, use this chart from Student Health Services to determine how to seek out care. In addition, please note:
  • On campus services (use links to access hours, location info): Student Health Services and Counseling Center
  • After Hours / Evenings & Weekends:
    • You can contact a nurse or mental health counselor 24/7, 7 days a week, to consult confidentially regarding any symptoms or illness as part of your Lewermark benefits by calling 1-866-549-5076 (nurse via MyNurse24/7) or 1-866-743-7732 (mental health counselor via Student Support Program).

Dental and Vision Insurance 
Information about Dental and Vision insurance can be found on the Student Health Services webpage here.

F1 Students who have been in the United States accumulatively for five years or more may have different requirements by U.S. law. Here is a brief description of the 5 year residency rule:

International students are considered “non-resident aliens,” a status that has implications for your U.S. tax status. In general, non-resident aliens do not need to purchase an U.S. Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) compliant health insurance plan. Wheaton College automatically bills all non-resident alien international students for a non ACA compliant health insurance product that provides coverage for F-1 students while also excluding the conscience-violating practices and procedures included in ACA compliant plans.

However, when an F-1 student has been in the US for a total of 5 years or more she/he may become a “resident alien” for U.S. tax purposes. This means that purchasing ACA compliant health insurance coverage is required from an insurance company outside Wheaton College. If within the current calendar year you will have lived in the U.S. a total of five years or more, please contact to request an exemption from the current Wheaton College sponsored health insurance plan. You will be directed toward resources that will assist you in purchasing an ACA-compliant healthcare plan. If you do not submit an exemption form you will be automatically billed.

The IRS has an excellent reference page of the application of the various ways in which a foreign student or scholar may be subject to U.S. taxation, including a set of examples (the first such example is especially helpful). Because your U.S. tax status is very specific to your individual circumstances, Wheaton College cannot be the monitor but rather are providing you with tools you need to monitor for yourself how your status in the U.S. affects your health care obligations by the U.S. Government.