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F-2 Dependent Insurance

F2 Visa Insurance - Health Insurance for Children and Spouses

The US Department of State does not require F1 or F2 visa holders to have health insurance, however, it is highly recommend that students and their dependents have insurance coverage for the entire time they are in the US. Health care costs in the US are very expensive, so insurance for families is critical for access to affordable medical care.

Types of Health Insurance for F2 Visa Holders

LewerMark-Students may elect to enroll their dependents in the LewerMark insurance plan. Please review the coverage rates below. More information on enrolling can be found here:
[Lewermark F2]

Medicaid-Medicaid is an insurance plan that provides free or low-cost health coverage to children and pregnant women. The DuPage County Health Department provides assistance in registering children and pregnant women for Medicaid.

To book an appointment with the DuPage County Health Department, please call 630-682-7400 and then option 2 for an appointment and then option 7 for Community Health Worker.  

Documents needed for applications should be added:
Proof of income (30 days)
Passport and Visa
Proof of Illinois Residency or Housing Lease
Federally Qualified Health Center-FQHCs are community-based health care providers that receive funds from the government to provide primary care services to the uninsured or underinsured. The closes FQHC to campus is the VNA, located at 350 S. Schmale St in Carol Stream, across from the Aldi.
Brokers-this list of Agents and Brokers has been provided by the DuPage County Health Department
Jim Strachan
1502 Allen Lane
Saint Charles, IL 60174
515 Ogden Ave
Downers Grove 60515
Strachan Insurance Group
(630) 723-4057
Email:  Jim Strachan

Jessica Wanek
24201 W. Main Street
Plainfield, IL. 60544-0650
W Financial Services, Inc.
(708) 524-2791 ext 302
Email:  Jessica Wanek <>

Worry Free Community – CAC and Medicare assistance in Urdu and Hindi
1701 Bloomingdale Road, Glendale Heights 60139
(630) 868-3639

Private Insurance-Many private insurance options are also available for your dependents. When researching options, please consider the following benefit questions:

How much do I want to spend on an insurance plan for my family?
How long will my family need coverage?
Do they need the plan to cover them back home, or just while we are in the US?
How much do we want to pay out of pocket when we go to the doctor, clinic, or hospital?
What type of benefits do I want on the plan (e.g., maternity, wellness, sickness/accident, sports)?
Can my dependents enroll without the student being enrolled on the plan?

Answering these questions will help to evaluate which plan is most suitable for the entire family.