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Taxes and OPT

What you need to know about taxes when you are on OPT
It is important that when you start working off campus, that you work with your future employer on how to properly set up your payroll status.  If you do not have your tax status set up correctly, the employer could start deducting money from your salary that should not be deducted.  For example, as an F-1 visa holder, you are exempt from FICA (social security and Medicare taxes).
It is your responsibility to educate yourself about this and advocate for yourself when you are hired.  If you have worked on campus, the Wheaton payroll office knows to look for this.  Your future employer may not know about these tax laws.
Here is a blog from Sprintax with more information on this topic.  Please read this as it will save you hundreds of dollars from being deducted from your paycheck.