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Reduced Course Load

F-1 students are required to maintain full-time enrollment during the school year.  If you cannot or will not meet this requirement, you must request a reduced course load.  Federal immigration regulations limit an F-1 student’s ability to be less than full time but it may be allowed in the circumstances listed below.

Reasons for reduced course load:

1. Initial difficulty with reading requirements (first year of study only)
2. Initial difficulty with English language (first year of study only)
3. Unfamiliar with American teaching methods (first year of study only)
4. Improper course placement (appropriate any time during course study)

Reasons below can be used even though reasons 1 through 4 might have been used in the past.
5. Last semester exemption (students must graduate this semester). Student must enroll in a minimum number of credits required to graduate.
If you chose last semester exemption, submit the classes that you have left to complete.
If necessary, upload your candidate form
6. Medical condition that prevents full-time study. In addition to the advisor/s signature, a student must obtain an official letter from a U.S. medical doctor or a board-certified psychologist stating the reason for medical under-enrollment and the need for a reduction in course load. A copy of the doctor/psychologist official letter must be on file with the designated International Student Care Office. There is a 12-month limit.

Undergraduate Student Reduced Course Load Application Process:
If you need to apply for RCL because of reasons #1-6, please start by making an appointment with your DSO.

For Medical RCL
 (#6) please select the "Apply Now" option to create an application and follow the provided steps.