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Social Security #

Have you been offered a job on campus or a paid off – campus Curricular Practical Training opportunity and need to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN)?
social security number is how the U.S. government accurately records the wages you earn at your job, therefore you are required to apply and get a SSN if you will be employed while a student at Wheaton College. You must show proof of an employment offer with your application.
To apply for a SSN, follow these steps:
  1. Print and complete the Application for a Social Security Card Form
  2. Print and complete, with your employer, the Proof of Employment Letter
    1. Once complete, bring to your DSO for the required signature
    2. If your new job requires CPT authorization (off campus job/internship) see instead, step #5
  3. Gather the following documents to provide at the time of your application
    1. Valid passport with Visa
    2. A copy of your latest I-94 document, which you can print at the CBP website.
    3. Current I-20
    4. Wheaton College student ID
  4. Go to the local Social Security office to submit an application
    1. Please note, there is no fee associated with this application
    2. Office Address is: 230 West Lake Street, Bloomingdale IL 60108
    3. Office Hours:         
Monday 9am –4:00pm
Tuesday 9am – 4:00pm
Wednesday 9am-12pm
Thursday 9am – 4:00pm
Friday 9am –4:00pm
Expect to wait between 1-3 hours after checking in at the office, to submit your application
  1. If you are applying for a SSN because you are starting a job/internship that required Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization do not use the Proof of Employment Letter. Instead, bring the following:
    1. Latest I-20 with the CPT authorization on it (page 2). Your DSO would have printed a new one at your CPT appointment.
    2. A letter from your employer that has your name, job title, start date, hours you are working per week, supervisor's name and contact information (telephone # /e-mail and signature). This letter should be printed on company letterhead.
 After your SSN appointment at the local office, you will be mailed a social security card with your number on it.  As soon as you receive your SSN, you must report it (in person, never by e-mail) to the Payroll/Human resources office of your employer (for on campus jobs, this office is on the first floor of Blanchard Hall).